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KPM Enterprises,approved by Ministry of Labour Government of India, Reg. No. 3637 / MUM / 2 3/4 / 5818 / 2002, KPM Enterprises is a frontrunner group in professional recruitment solutions. We are consultants who provide integrated,comprehensive and cost effective placements in business, industry and government. Though our major presence is in the Middle East, we are involved in staffing on a global scale. For over two decades, we have beenoffering a powerful combination of locally focused market expertise coupled with a global track record in innovation and excellence. We deliver the entire gamut of staffing solutions from traditional temporaryhelp to project placements, professionals, strategic partnerships and regular, full time hires. We endeavor to be the preferred recruitment solutions provider of premier corporations worldwide.

Recruit From India

Recruitment from India is a challenging and involved process - which requires deep industry insight to target people correctly and what is sometimes circuitous bureaucratic processes for travel of an Indian National. The country is geographically spread,with different areas having strengths in different industries. For example, tailors for the garment industry are traditionally available in Gujarat, IT workers tend to be congregated in Bangalore and Hyderabad, masonry and civil workers of the highest quality are available in Rajasthan. Advertising for these professionals in the right media in the right geographies is critical to the success and cost efficiency of any recruitment drive in India. Typically a lead time of 2-4 weeks is between the selection of a candidate and travel. This "mobilization" period is where a recruitment agency such as KPM brings the most value to the table.It involves medical screening of candidates from authorized agencies, visa papers receipt and stamping,background/police checks and emigration clearances. KPM provides services in the attraction / selection and the mobilization phases of the recruitment excercise.

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